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Parts Value Packages

Volkswagen Value Parts have been designed as a more affordable option specifically for out-of-warranty Volkswagen vehicles. They are tested and approved by Volkswagen engineers, meaning you don't have to sacrifice quality, safety or peace of mind. All prices include professional installation by Volkswagen experts.2001 Beetle Alternator - $364.30*

Keep the spark alive between you and your Volkswagen.

An alternator turns your engine's mechanical energy into electricity, which then powers many components from your headlights to your ventilation system. A worn alternator can therefore reduce the performance of these electrical parts. Your headlights might dim, your power windows might be less powerful, and you may have problems starting your car. When the alternator's warning light appears on your dashboard, it may be time to spark up a fresh start between you and your Volkswagen.

*Price shown for 2001 Beetle model indicated only and includes installation. Price varies by model / year. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer valid through October 31, 2014. Applicable taxes not included.