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Winter Tires

Drive Safe This Winter.

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Winter tires are selling out fast!

Winter tires substantially improve the safety of our vehicles and loved ones when driving conditions deteriorate. The ability to brake quickly is vastly improved - winter tires reduce stopping distance by 23ft on average.

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Every Audi needs the perfect pair of tires. Matching the tire to the top speed and loading requirement of your vehicle will ensure enhanced traction, handling and safety. When your vehicle isn’t fitted with the proper tires, performance suffers, reducing traction, handling and control. To ensure your Audi is equipped with the right tires, your Audi dealer can help provide you with the proper recommendation that meets your Audi’s needs perfectly.

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The best price on winter tires. Guaranteed.

We believe in the importance of winter tires, and so we have done everything we can to ensure they are available to you at the best possible price.We guarantee that our winter tire prices are equal to, or less than, any other source within 100KM of the dealership.

We'll store your tires for you.

Not all of us have space to store a second set of tires. So we have arranged for quick and easy storage to keep your tires secure when the seasons change. Ask us for details and we'll be happy to arrange your tire storage.

Winter Tire Storage

We offer interest-free financing on all winter tires.

Our exclusive program makes it easy for you to pay for any service, parts, or tires valued over $300 via low bi-weekly or monthly payments*. Once you qualify and use the loan, you will have six months to pay it back interest-free. Our application process is fast and simple, and your loan is valid for one full year from the approval date.

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Rebates on winter tires.

Save up to $125 on your purchase of winter tires.

* On approved credit. Maximum available credit is $25,000. 0% interest only applies if loan is paid back in full within six months of use. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Please see your service advisor for details.